The nice thing about these guys is they bring us the latest in products and their related accessories at very reasonable and affordable costs.  They are a staple in your pocket and because they are so easy, they are great for on-the-go times or when you just want to relax, and they are made to last.

UniS- This is set apart because of the compact size and the Zinc Alloy metal body that offers that’s not only lightweight but is also capable of weathering the usual wear and tear and daily carrying activities.  It has a premium feel without a premium price tag. Yay!   It brings you preset temperature settings designed and formulated for flavorful sessions and for mild vapor production. LOW=2.5 volts, MED=3.0 volts, HIGH=3.5 volts.  It comes outfitted with a USB Type-C charging port with a corresponding USB Type-C charging cable and a hanging hole so you don’t have to worry about where you left it.  Unit come with 1 x Magnetic Adapter, 1USB-C Cable, and 1 User Manual.

Uni Pro Plus- 900mAH battery….that’s a lot, btw, USB-typeC  charging port for faster charging and better life of the battery, adjustable cartridge holder to accomodate varying sizes of carts, and then…..PRECISION TEMP CONTROL.  Instead of cycling through a set of pre-arranged temperature profiles, you can hone this bad bot in to exactly where you want.  It adjusts from 2.0 to 4.2 volts, so you can maximize your specific product at any given time.  Lower voltage levels are perfect for bringing out the natural flavors of their oils and thin concentrates. Medical consumers who need smaller doses of their materials’ active ingredients would love heating their oils and waxes at about this temperature profile. Crank it up a few degrees and activate the potent ingredients of oils and wax concentrates for a harder-hitting effect. Recreational consumers — especially those looking to get knocked off their socks — would enjoy dabbing from these high voltage settings.  You can move the temp 0.1 volt in either direction with each press of the button and is easily visible on the screen.   Box comes with 1 Uni Pro, 1 manual, 1 warranty card, 1 charger, and 1 magnetic adapter.

Uni Twist-The Twist is so named because twist-type temperature control setting allows you to change the temperature profile without having to push a button.  It also offers adjustable height and width tools allowing you to fit almost every cartridge on the market up to 12mm, and an integrated hanging hole so you can wear the Yocan UNI Twist around your neck and keep it close to your heart at all times. Other features like the USB-C charging technology used in this cartridge battery not only gives you faster charging times and a more stable power delivery but also makes the Yocan UNI Twist one of the brand’s next-gen oil vaporizers. It has a  650mAm capacity battery and measures 2.6 x 1.27 x 0.8 inches.

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