Roll Your Own Cigarettes – Your New Favorite Hobby!

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all looking for creative ways to cut costs. Although hand-rolling your own cigarettes isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for many, it should be! Why pay more for factory made cigarettes, when you can roll your own? Hand rolling not only saves you big money, but it can also allow you to have a chemical-free smoke when you use any of our six distinct flavors of loose tobacco.

It’s no secret that most commercially produced filtered cigarettes contain harmful chemicals. Despite this widespread knowledge, we keep smoking them, mainly out of convenience – kind of like our consumption of fast, processed foods. But as the saying goes, nothing compares to a home-cooked meal! For many, cooking is a therapeutic act – much like the act of RYO cigarettes. A home-cooked meal tastes better as you personally crafted it to your liking, is healthier for you as you hand-selected the ingredients, and gives you a feeling of appreciation and accomplishment. The same could be said for hand-rolling your own cigarettes!

Moral of the story: Don’t feel intimidated by learning how to RYO cigarettes – it’s worth it! Smokes & Such is here to provide you with the tools and knowledge that will make the experience painless, and make you a pro roller in no time!

Visit any of our four locations to try any one of our variety of rolling machines that can assist you in crafting a uniform, tightly packed cigarette.