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The Yocan Orbit Replacement Coil is the official replacement coil for the Yocan Orbit dab pen.  It uses a threaded connection at the base which provides the coil a sturdy pedestal from which it will not get easily knocked out of place, especially when in use. Made of high quality quartz, this coil uses a coil-less build that ensures that all materials placed in the wax chamber are vaporized. With nowhere to cling to, the wax will melt and be vaporized down to the very last drop. The Coil-less design also works to evenly heat the wax concentrates and allow the use of additional quartz balls. Without any exposed coils, the quartz balls are free to spin inside the wax chamber and aid the vaporization of your select extracts. The Yocan Orbit Replacement Coil is the perfect coil for many recreational consumers as well as medicating patients who want high-quality vapors every time they dab. For dabbing without compromise…..get it!

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