Get both, use both, be twice as satisfied!  CARTA is a great product that makes your sessions better.  The same unit can use either one of these atomizes:

WAX:  The Intelli-Core™ atomizer delivers thermal consistency and vapor production on par with a quartz banger. A coated ceramic chamber delivers unmatched flavor and temperature control. Enhanced durability and easy cleanup allow the Intelli-Core™ to deliver flawless flavor. Full 360 Plus heating technology ensures utmost efficiency and reliable performance time after time.

  • Intelli-Core™ Technology , Quartz-Coated Ceramic Bucket, 6 Month Warranty WITH CARTA (not Smokes & Such), Only compatible with CARTA 2


DRY:  The Intelli-Core™ Atomizer for Herb allows you to take full advantage of the CARTA 2’s impressive capabilities while eliminating the need for combustion. Experience the ultimate performance flavor while maintaining portability and convenience. The larger ceramic chamber delivers soothing clouds of potent vapor. 

  • Atomizer To Use With Herb, Not To Be Used With Concentrates, Recommended to be used with CARTA BOROSILICATE CARB CAP or CHROMATIX CARB CAP

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